Our Business is a family company, was founded about ten years ago. We love our territory and its traditions, ours objectives are to increase the agicultural economy in our country and to construct the hope for the future of ours children.
The agriculture was the activity of ours grandfathers and the principal source in this territory until as 40 years ago, because the territory has many tipycal riches: the mild climate, lands of vulcanic source, than it is rich of water and minerals.
There is the coltivation of many products, than: San Marzano tomatoes, Mustaccielli beans, Violet Artichokes from Castellammare. Than, with the progress and the industrial business, many people deserted the country-side for to dedicate at other activityes, the peasant was considered a ignorant person.
Than the desire of the emancipation has contributed to deform the simplicity, the genuinity, the goodness of the ours agricultural origines.

We opposed to this situation with determination!

In the 1999 the Slow Food Fiduciary Penisola Sorrentina informed us about the Carlo's Petrini idea: to create a Preside for the safeguard of San Marzano tomato and so to exploit the food traditions of the Sant'Antonio Abate country and the Campain territory. We seed in this idea a lot of light and we begin our arduous venture. We documented by ours grandfathers, we recuperated the seeds and the coltivation techniques and so at the current time we are achieveing our dream...
We produce the Campania's typical products absolutely: tomatoes, tomatoes by Gragnano, Mustaccielli beans, Violet Artichokes by Castellammare, cornetti peas by Gragnano.
We want that our products arrive to all the people and that they recognize the its genuine tast. Attually this is rare event with the foods on the market.

Il Miracolo di San Gennaro Tomato.
The coltivation is based on variety and tipycal products.It is a ecologic coltivation: we utilize principally manual interventiones. We use the coltivation system of the integrated agriculure for to dung and to protect.

Il Miracolo di San Gennaro Little tomatoes by Gragnano.
We cultivate the little tomatoes by Gragnano rigorously with the traditional metod, we don't use chimical products. This tomato adapts particulary to be preserved.

Terra Amore e Fantasia
We transform, severely with the traditional method from ours groundfathers receved, tomatoes easly cultivated, they are many good. This is a economic line of prudocts.